Nature Rich Fuel Direct - Fuel Direct - James Egge


For those that James attempts to purchase a FUEL DIRECT /

Nature Rich opportunity....

KNOW THIS TRUTH. James lied about his own vehicle mpg results for his own testimonial.

This lie. Is on FILE with both th FTC and the State ATTORNEY


As a potential "prospect" or "target" for James Egge to

induce to purchase a product or Opportunity at Fuel Direct,

YOU - thy neighbor are entitled to the truth from EGGE,

not deception he conveniently renders without any regard for his fellow man or woman.

Egge's also a membe of Sapphire Summit Training Group the

charges and trains distributors how he claims Fuel Direct changed his life. Note .. how "he claims" it has changed his life. A dude that can't keep his own home from foreclosure, let alone a sole vehicle (reposessesd) he reports a *** story to lure the prospect to purchase.

Beware of James Egge and men like Fuel direct distributor Jon Thompson that LIE about results on vehicles for two years... ALSO ON FILE to protect the consumer .

These 2 little men claim the product works, yet find it convenient to LIE in their story to induce a sale.


God bless.

Review about: Mileage Issue.

Nature Rich Fuel Direct - JAMES EGGE

Minneapolis, Minnesota 4 comments

VIA E-commerce - Monday, January 30, 2012 James Egge writes "I just reviewed my taxes and I noticed that I save over $1200 per vehicle last year using Xp3 from Fuel Direct."

Can be viewed at

On weekly phone training calls, James presents the same LIE

in his chosen BIG STORY about XP3

What James LIES about is this vehicle was repossessed by the bank, and he did not own a vehicle for a full year.

James is part-owner of SAPPHIRE TRAINING GROUP .

Let it be clear, this "inducement" to sell the product is on permanent file with the state of MN ATTORNEY GENERAL.

To protect the consumer from a continuance of "Theft by deception."

Also - on record with the FTC.

As well as an abundance of similar LIES promoting FUEL DIRECT,

If you have been misled by LIES about the product, it's opportunities I highly encourage protecting yourself, as well as others by contacting the BBB , and MN STATE ATTORNEY General's OFFICE.

Review about: Vehicle Financing.


Excelsior, Minnesota, United States #826712

can you trust a review from a "Steven Segal", or "supa ***"?I recently became an XP3 sales rep and if you knew anything about the company or the product you wouldn't post comments like that.

I have several owner/ operators that cant believe the DOCUMENTABLE results they are seeing.How is saving 5-17% on your fuel a scam?


Why in the heck would a paid promoter lie other than to convince a person to buy somethin that just don't work , and requires a BIG LIE to steal thy neighbors money?

REally saddened by the choice of

EGGE's promotion and training , which is illegal in Maple Grove.

Good thing, he is an independent distributor as he independendently makes his choices to lie.


This is so true about the "hype" Egge creates..

What I have discovered is if anyone purchased from Egge under his lie in his own story ... MAPLE GROVE POLICE should be contacted for THEY DO FOLLOW UP ON FRAUD and SCAMS.


I knew he was fibbin when he was hitchin rides . I agree.

Beware !!!!!

And I agree with the posters - TRUTH will prevail. Keep up your firm position of Goodness and hold the line and set the example only a true warrior would. Love you for your courage man.

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